Love for the Mountains

It is only in the mountains that I begin to feel the immensity of the land.
Here the world lays before me in full 3D!
A mighty river runs like a silver thread in the valley a thousand feet below while faraway peaks, white with snow are higher than any mountain range in europe.

Kunzum to Batal road

The sky a particular indigo blue, framing the browns and greys of the land, we are far above the tree line.

The river is metallic, swirling powerfully past giant boulders as it moves through a valley of rock, nothing grows along its banks.

Slopes of pink purple brown and grey dress up this majestic view.

An impossible confluence of rock and earth.

Snowy peak, traces of yellow and green
Winter is not far

Black shards reach skyward
Not to be trifled with!

The spirits have many abodes

Iron rich rock redden the slopes

Man walks in the valleys
Gods watch from high above

Harvested soon
The mountains wait patiently.

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