Entering Spiti Valley

The name “Spiti” means “The middle land”, i.e. the land between Tibet and India.

There are two ways to enter Spiti valley, from the southern end via Kinnaur valley, or from the higher northern end of the valley at Losar, via the Lahaul Valley.

Here we enter the valley riding down from Nako (4000m) to the bottom of the steep Kinnaur valley and the lower we enter Spiti valley where the Spiti river merges with the Sutlej river.
The Sutlej river flows eastward into India from Guge. Guge was an ancient dynastic kingdom in Western Tibet. The kingdom was centered in present-day Zanda Country, Nagari Prefecture, Tibet Autonimous Region.

The ride from Nako at 4000 meters down to the Sutlej river is spectacular

View toward Tibet

Entering Spiti valley where the Spiti river meets the Sutlej river.

These views are of the lower end of the valley.
Spiti valley is about 80 Km long.

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  1. Mia says:

    There are many in the main towns. Not so many in the villages. In Dhankar there were about 6 other ppoele during most days, in some smaller villages none. But Spiti is certainly not completely off the beaten track.

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