Flying into Leh

An early morning flight from Delhi to Leh

The awe inspiring view from the airplane of the western Himalayan mountain range. We cruise effortlessly over hundreds of miles of mountains, lit by the morning sun their every fold and crease is visible as far as the eye can see.


First view of the Indus valley

From the air it is clear how life giving the Indus river is to this high mountain desert.


Leh airport runway

Most domestic passenger flights arrive and depart from Leh in the cool of the mornings. Later in the day the thin air heats up and often does not provide sufficient lift for a safe take off.
Leh Airport Elevation 3,256 m was named after the 19th reincarnation of Kushok Bakula Rimpochee. It is a wonderful entry into this area where Tibetan Buddhism has such an influence!


Maitreya Buddha, Basco Ladakh

The one storey high old clay image
at Basco, 40 km from Leh town.



Buddha image in a Leh Gompa

A tapestry of fields around Leh

The rich tapestry of fields around Leh are irrigated by snow melt from the nearby mountain ranges.

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