Kinnaur Kailash

The mountain peak is of Kinnaur Kailash (elevation- 6050m) and Jorkanden (elevation- 6473m).

Considered sacred by both Hindu and Buddhist Kinnauris and unveiled in all its splendor for us today! It is home to a 79 ft tall monolithic pillar, a shivalinga, located at 4500 meters.
I am told that the Kinner Kailash is also known as the seat of Shiva and was a place where every winter Lord Shiva used to conduct a meeting of gods and goddess.

In this view we are looking over the Kalpa village with the bright yellow Buddhist temple roof visible, and just behind it is a beautiful Hindu temple.

The Kinnauri local dress is this amazing green which the men and women love to wear.

Kinnauri women in the village square in Kalpa a village high above Recong Peo, the district administration headquarters of Kinnaur.

The ride up the river Sutlej which has it’s source in Tibet where it is called Langqên Zangbo (Elephant River or Elephant Spring). It flows through the Shipki La pass, entering India in Himachal Pradesh state.

From the Illustrated London News, 1856. Source: ebay, June 2007

“Hungarung Pass in the Himalayas” (nowadays called Shipki La, where the Sutlej River enters India from Tibet). Like other border passes along the India-Tibet border, the border is no longer open for non-residents.

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