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Contact & Testimonials

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Testimonial from VB (Thomas Fisher) :
Been there – Done that – Got the Tea Shirt!!!!!!!!!  Loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Loved my time with Ash and Riding High Tours.

First time I went was because of curiosity.
Then I caught the fever and went  back two more seasons.
Remember my last going away dinner with a tear in my eye that it has to end.

What to tell ya?
Get off your sofa…….. Stop thinking about it… Get your passport and visa and get to Manali.
I can guarantee you will be blown away by the thump thump of the bikes the mountains and rivers and the magic of being High Up riding High.
Ash is a Master at his work. He knows the culture the people the routes and the bikes. He has a knowledge of both the outer country and the inner experience of the peace that  happens to those who come on this trip.
I can only say.  Take a risk. Jump out of your comfort zone and open to a new experience of life——- Being Fully Alive and present as you have an experience that can only be experienced.

Only bad side———— Is that the trip has to come to an end………

Enjoy……………. Tomas Fisher – Fortaleza Brasil

Testimonial from Ananda :
I rode Pinion on Riding High Tours trip to Spiti and Ladhak and all I can say is  WOW!!!!!!!! The mountains the rivers the food the bikes the friends the adventure the silence  the grandure the competence and care from Ash——— What a trip. I hope to come back again as it was one of the greatest moments of my life. A real experience of love life laughter and WOW!

Ananda- Fortaleza Brasil

Testimonial from Himalaya (Jim Crowder) :
Having known Ash for 20 years or more and have had the pleasure of being part (twice) of his “riding high” motorcycle tours i have to say that i find he has many important attributes.

He has always been a fantastic lead motorcyclist, being a pace setter for the following group of cyclists that have given there trust to him, keeping the tour together and moving as a unit.
Being able to cope with the unexpected, many of which happen on these adventures, it is India after all, and being able to operate in a calm and authoritative way.
The time he has lived in India has given him valuable experience as a tour planner and operator to work with both the westerner and the Indian, be it a mechanic, hotelier or bureaucrat.
He is very knowledgeable of the Buddhist religion the people of the regions that he travels, Spiti, Lahoul, Ladakh, being able to weave many stories to both entertain and to explain the many intricate parts to wall paintings and thangka’s.
I myself have no hesitation recommending Ash and riding high tours as a fantastic adventure and a beautiful experience to have given oneself.
A chance that one should not let by,
Hope to see you there,
Jim Crowder

Testimonial from Digambar (Richard Perry) :
I made two trips back in 2005 and 2006  with Ash in Ladakh, Spiti and Zanskar Valleys. After the first trip in 2005 I pulled  4-5 friends with me to come the next year. That in itself pretty much says how fantastic the trip was.

There are a couple key things to know… in some ways Ladakh is pretty wild and you feel how far away from regular civilisation you are. At the same time after a few months you can feel how easy it is to simply wander around there. But thats also not true… the roads are wild and places are far apart and there are better and worst places to stay and in the case of any emergencies it really helps to have someone who knows the Terrain. And thats where Ash really stands out. He has been there and knows the people and places and makes the whole  journey  feel that little safer and more together. Incredibly valuable when you just arrive and go for a few weeks there to be able to lean on all that experience.

The Ladakhi people are a very simple folk… its unusual to find people who live so remotely and who are living so deeply in a long continuous tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. Ash, along with his knowledge of the area, has a big respect and love for the people. That opens up possibilities and situations on the road, and the journey becomes more of being with the people or meditating, listening, being in their Gompas and not just cruising around on some big Bikes as tourists. That sensitivity and respect to the people and environment one can only live and absorb. Ash can help take you there.

oh yaaa I forgot to mention it is awesomely beautiful there– but I guess you already know that  🙂
Richard Perry

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