Video Motorcycle Tour by Nacho

The great pacy video produced by Nacho and
Glenflota & Peyote Productions.2B3

Video motorcycle tour ‘Leh to Manali’ with some footage Nacho took on a taxi ride in Delhi.

Nacho shot most of the footage while riding the bike, one hand on the handle bars. Its amazing that he caught so much action on this video motorcycle tour! The footage has been sped up to include more of the amazing area that we rode through, and in fact we were cruising at a pretty leisurely pace!  The views are just too beautiful! There was one stretch where we had a chance to open up the throttle, and at 13000 feet the old 500 cc single Enfield fairly flies along!

The magnetic point is possibly the result of a large deposit of iron ore close enough to the surface of to make cars and vans roll up hill.  Or that is what appears to happen! Perhaps it is just an optical illusion created by the lay of the road against the sloping mountains nearby! It is a good excuse to dismount and enjoy the amazing views from the roadside.

Back in Delhi traffic I was already missing the peace and tranquility of the mountains AND the pure air!

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