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Reaching for the Beyond : :

Chiu Gompa built into the cliffs on a hill on the shores of Lake Manasarovar in Tibet Lake Manasarovar is near the source of the Sutlej River which is the easternmost large tributary of the Indus. Nearby are the sources of the Brahmaputra River, the Indus River, and...


Spiti Valley – Untamed Wilderness

Untamed Wilderness Such a feeling of vastness overcomes me every time I visit Spiti valley, high up in the Indian Himalayas. I love to watch the Spiti river which is constantly changing...


Buddha Statue in rock

Chamba Buddha Statue   Close to the village of Mulbekh there is a large Maitreya Buddha or Buddha-to-come on the roadside traveling between Leh and Kargil. It is directly on the roadside. Called the Chamba statue some people believe it dates to the Kushan period in the...


Buddha Statue Guru Padmasambhava clothed in snow

What an amazing planet we live on! And what an incredibly rich store of ancient traditions and knowledge still exists in these remote places *** Buddha Padmasambhava on the bank of the Zanskar river. ...


Support vehicle

We have been supported for the last 9  or 10 years by Nanak and our trusty back-up jeep.  This is a picture of Nanak and the jeep in the Lahul valley.  The jeep follows the bikes carrying our spare parts the mechanic and our luggage and any other...


Dalai Lama in Ladakh India

His Holiness the Dalai Lama will be in Ladakh this July, when we will be on tour there!  He will confer the Kalachakra Initiation from July 10 to 13.  On July 14, a long life empowerment (tsewang) and a ceremony offering prayers for the long life of His Holiness...


Entering Spiti Valley

The ride from Nako at 4000 meters down to the Sutlej river is spectacular! View toward Tibet       Entering Spiti valley where the Spiti river meets the Sutlej river.                     Spiti valley is about 80 Km long,...


Nako 4000meters high!

This is the mighty Sutlej river which begins in Tibet at Lake Mansarova. It has carved out this valley as it flows through india. Every few years massive flooding takes out many of the bridges, the  result of deforestation and glaciers melting in China. We were luck enough...


About Ash and Diego

DIEGO ESCRIVA I started riding bikes in my childhood as my family owned OSSA motorcycles and in fact I still own a 1975 OSSA Mick Andrews Replica 350 that gave me some trial riding skills. I also did in my youth some enduro, long distance off-road trails enjoying...


Shiva Temple

The road to Spiti via the Kinnaur valley is so close to the Tibetan border that we need to obtain special permits to travel on it. There are several barriers and check posts along the way and this interesting Shiva temple. Shiva is the God of destruction and...

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