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We have been supported for the last 9  or 10 years by Nanak and our trusty back-up jeep.  This is a picture of Nanak and the jeep in the Lahul valley.  The jeep follows the bikes carrying our spare parts the mechanic and our luggage and any other participants that may like to take a break from riding. Nanak has become a good friend who we can always rely upon.  He lives in the Manali valley with his family and we often chat about local and National news which I appreciate as it is great to get an insider view of what’s happening in India.

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  1. Samvada says:

    Beautiful picture of Nanak! He is an incredible support during the ride, he took great care of us….
    Please give him my love and say hello.
    Safe journey this summer! Lots of love to all of our friends.
    Sammi and Jeff

  2. admin says:

    Yes I will! I spoke to him last week and he is happy to join us again this year! Much love to you guys, we will remember you and pass on your love to all the friends…ash

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