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Gear and useful tips for the tour

Footwear – Low cut boots seem to be best. One pair of riding boots, one pair of smart trainers.

Helmet – invest in a cheap “system” helmet, full face with with the opening front. They are available in Delhi if you do not bring your own helmet. You get the benefits of full face but it flips up to look at the scenery and take photos. Also pack a balaclava.

Jacket – with plenty of pockets. You want to be able to keep a few things on hand including a camera. A 3/4 length is probably better. Gore-tex or similar lining is expensive but worthwhile. You can wear your riding jacket as a warm coat off the bike too.

Gloves – 2 pairs are good, winter and summer.

Pants – 2 pairs of jeans. A tough pair for riding. Cargo style for smart wear and backup riding gear. Also a pair of light weight waterproof overpants. It adds another layer of warmth and is windproof, and it sometimes rains.

Other Clothing – it’s going to range from tropical to freezing. Light weight thermals are ideal.  Layered clothing is best.  Polyproylyne stuff is good, but smells. Merino wool is expensive, but you can wear it for several days without it smelling. You don’t need and can’t carry fresh clothes for every day.  One quality pollyfleece top is needed.  A nice shirt, and maybe jacket if you have something light and crushproof.

Money – You need lots of small denomitation Rupee notes.  Most shops won’t have change for large notes. 100Rp is about the biggest you need for most things. Money changers will want to give you 500Rp and 1000Rp so ask for smaller 100Rp notes.  Try to change money at the airport, you can find the banks near the exit.

Make sure you have a Visa/Mastercard and tell the bank where you are going. You should be able to withdraw Rupees from an ATM if you can find one.

For the flight – Pack your check-in luggage in a strong soft bag. ( NOT a Hard suitcase!)  A backpack is good for carry-on luggage, but make sure it is big enough to fit your helmet in it.

Keep it as minimal as possible as you do not want to carry anything extra and there is a limit to how much can go in the jeep!

Think like a Tiger, lean and light!

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